The Baden Street Singers

Old Dunsborough Hall 9:00 – 10:30


Did you know that you can learn to sing in four-part harmony with people you’ve just met? Tag along with the award-winning Baden Street Singers as they share a few tools from their barbershop background guaranteed to get you singing with friends old and new. No previous experience required, just bring your love of singing!




Micheal McCarthy

Catholic Church 9:00 – 10:30

“Warm up and sing with Eneksis”

Come and join an Eneksis rehearsal as WAAPA Director Micheal McCarthy takes them, and you, through a professional warm up to perform routine.  Then sing alongside them as go through their paces.   A long standing Dunsborough SongFest favourite!





Lost Quays

St George Family Centre 9:00 – 10:30

“Mastering the art of Shanty Singing”

Want to learn the history of shanty singing and its unique West Australian links? Come along and join in some of these traditional seafaring work songs.

Take the opportunity to lead one yourself and release your inner Shantyman!

Open to shanty singers of all genders and ages



Corina Tscharner

 St George Family Centre 11:00 – 12:30

“Spirit of Africa”

Get into the rhythms and the joyful spirit of Africa!

Join Corina on a musical journey to Tanzania. The uplifting songs are structured in the characteristic African way of interchanging lead singer and 4-part harmony. They are accompanied by percussion and some simple dance steps. So bring your drums along!

Corina lived in Tanzania for some time, where she sang in several choirs. Back in Switzerland she ran her own “African” choir for more than ten years.





Cornelius de Munck

Catholic Church 11:00 – 12:30

“The Ten Commandments of Singing” (Non prescriptive and positive)

These principles of singing came to me as a received vision during a broken night’s sleep ín a truly Archimedean “eureka “ moment. The fact that they were communicated to me in the classic language of the King James Bible gave them the stamp of a higher authority.  In reality they are the distillation of decades of singing as a professional baritone and leadership at WAAPA as Head of the Voice Department and Senior Lecturer in Music.  Moreover I can assert that they will not be delivered in a dry academic language but fully engage workshop attendants in practical and enjoyable demonstrations of each important principle of fine voice production.  The workshop will climax and conclude with an extended vocal canon of some merit.  There will be much opportunity to enter into discussion and ask questions .





Sally Banyard

 Old Dunsborough Hall 11:00 – 12:30

“A Day in the Life”

What do you get if you cross an alien with a kangaroo?  A mars-upial!  Unleash your inner indie-pop choral beast and join the Menagerie herd as Zookeeper Sal Banyard leads you on a musical expedition – you’ll be the perfect addition!  All animals welcome, wild and tame. Songs, musicianship and a choir game!  Experience 90 minutes in the life of a Menagerist as we take you through some lively warmups and teach you some tunes.  Don’t delay, come and play, with Menagerie!




Annika Moses

 A-Frame Church of Christ 11:00 – 12:30

“Vocal Arranging”

Annika Moses has won battalions of followers at Dunsborough SongFest audiences through her performances with Eneksis, Darling, Ko-Ko and her solo folk project Nika Mo.

In this workshop Annika will share some of the techniques used in her wonderful ensembles for a cappella & song arrangement.



Digby Hill

Dunsborough Men’s Shed 9:00 – 10:30

Men can sing too

Never sung in a group?  Like to give it a try (even if you’re not sure you are any good)?  Come down to the Dunsborough Men’s Shed and join a bunch of other blokes prepared to give it a go…  An initiative for local men to learn to do two things at once!  Sing and have fun!  Singing is great for relaxation, camaraderie and for your brain synapses too.  Digby Hill, Voicemale director, will show you that you don’t have to be a good singer to get a kick out of singing with a group of men.  Discover what many other cultures have long known – men singing together is something special.  Just $10 at door.