PERFORMER NOTES – please read

SongFest venues are community facilities, religious and spiritual spaces.
We ask that you consider this above all else when you enter them.

 Location and Parking

  • Refer to the Venue Map on the website to orientate yourself within Dunsborough
  • Familiarise yourself with the location and the time of your performance
  • Limited parking around the SongFest precinct, check the map for parking options
  • Most venues except the Primary School Hall are within 12 minutes walking from the Old Dunsborough Hall
  • Consider car-pooling over the SongFest weekend OR even bring your bike!
  • No stillettos at Our Lady of the Cape Primary School Hall venue

Entry by ID Band only

  • You will have been given a wrist ID band by your choir director prior to the weekend
    • Wear it at all times – even in the shower!
    • If you lose it – go to the BOX OFFICE on Fri night or Saturday morning to collect a new one
  • The BOX OFFICE volunteer staff has a list of all registered names, you may be asked for your ID
  • Your weekend pass gets you into everything free – make the most of it!  There is an incredible array of singing workshops to choose from – check them out!
  • Volunteers at all venue doors will check on ID bands for entry
  • Public tickets for individual workshops and concerts are available at the door
  • All SongFest Saturday afternoon concerts can be accessed using the same ticket
  • Please do not ask the door volunteers to allow a friend/family etc in, to just watch your performance


  • Everyone associated with SongFest is a Volunteer; coordinators, media officers, concert managers, MCs, door staff and box office
  • All attempt to make the weekend a happy and fun experience, sharing in fellowship around music
  • Many are from the local Dunsborough community and love being a part of SongFest
  • Each year there are opportunities to volunteer.  Talk to us about helping out!

Food & Water

  • No food or hot beverages into the church venues, or the Saturday night concert venue
  • Water bottles are acceptable in the church venues
  • Food is acceptable in the Old Dunsborough Hall and Family Centre

Concert Performances

  • You will be given the contact details of your concert manager
  • Before the weekend, please contact them regarding any specific stage requirements
  • If you are providing your own equipment please note that all electrical equipment must be tagged and comply with WA OHS laws
  • A vital part of SongFest is for all choirs to support their fellow choirs.  We call this SONGFEST ETIQUETTE
    • Choirs performing in Saturday afternoon concerts are asked to remain in that venue for the entire concert
  • All choirs must be seated in the audience inside the venue, 10 minutes before their concert start time
  • All choirs must have rehearsed / warmed up prior to being seated in the audience
  • After performing, choirs must return to the audience and stay to watch the rest of the concert
  • Door staff will not let people into the audience during a song, only between songs
  • Please note that your schedule performance time includes the time you take to changeover

Merchandise Sales – If you are selling merchandise PLEASE:

  • Provide your own float, secure container, contact details and details of merchandise you are selling
  • It can be placed on an unattended table or within the BOX OFFICE for safe keeping
  • Have your own sales attendant, SongFest does not provide sales support
  • SongFest will not be held responsible for any unaccounted items