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Koko are back at Dunsborough SongFest!


All Performers are required to purchase a weekend pass for $36.00

Concessional partner weekend passes are $45.00 each.

Late performer passes can also be purchased below

Your director gets a free pass.  Performers U18 are free

To purchase passes go Performer Passes

PERFORMER NOTES – Important! Please read

SongFest venues are community facilities, religious and spiritual spaces
We ask that you consider this above all else when you enter them

 Location and Parking

  • Refer to the Venue Map on the website to orientate yourself within Dunsborough
  • Familiarise yourself with the location and the time of your performance
  • Limited parking around the Old Dunsborough Hall (ODH), check the map for parking options.  Consider car-pooling over the SongFest weekend OR even bring your bike!
  • The main SongFest venue is now the Our Lady of the Cape (OLC) Primary School Hall .  It will be in continuous use all weekend.  The Café and bar services are located there.  There will not be any cafe or bar services at ODH.  No stillettos at OLC Primary School Hall venue
  • The Box Office will open at OLC at 6:30pm on Friday night.  On Saturday morning it will located at the Lions Park marquee in the town centre between 9am and 11am. If you did not receive your weekend wrist band by mail or have misplaced it, please go to the Box Office.

Entry by ID Band only

  • You will have been given a wrist ID band by your choir manager prior to the weekend
    • Wear it at all times – even in the shower!
    • If you lose it – go to the BOX OFFICE on Fri night or Saturday morning to collect a new one
  • The BOX OFFICE volunteer staff will require your choir name and may ask for your ID to check registration.
  • Your weekend pass gets you into everything free – make the most of it!  There is a wonderful array of singing workshops to choose from – check them out!
  • Volunteers at all venue doors will check on ID bands for entry
  • Public tickets for individual workshops and concerts are available online and at the door
  • All SongFest Saturday afternoon concerts can be accessed using the same ticket
  • Please do not ask the door volunteers to allow a friend/family etc in, to just watch your performance.


  • Everyone associated with SongFest is a Volunteer; coordinators, media officers, concert managers, MCs, door staff and box office
  • All attempt to make the weekend a happy and fun experience, sharing in fellowship around music
  • Many are from the local Dunsborough community and love being a part of SongFest
  • Each year there are opportunities to volunteer.  Talk to us about helping out!

Food & Water

  • Cafe services will be available only at the OLC Primary School on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning.  A bar will be open on Friday and Saturday night.  Please note CASH ONLY at the cafe.  Please note there will be no Saturday lunch or dinner meals available this year.  Dunsborough town offers multiple options.
  • No food or hot beverages into the church venues, or the OLC Primary School venue.
  • Water bottles are acceptable in the church venues
  • Food is acceptable in the Old Dunsborough Hall

Concert Performances

  • You will be given the contact details of your concert manager
  • Before the weekend, please contact them regarding any specific stage requirements
  • If you are providing your own equipment please note that all electrical equipment must be tagged and comply with WA OHS laws
  • A vital part of SongFest is for all choirs to support their fellow choirs.  We call this SONGFEST ETIQUETTE
    • Choirs performing in Saturday afternoon concerts are asked to remain in that venue for the entire concert, therefore:
      • All choirs must be seated in the audience inside the venue, 10 minutes before their concert start time
      • All choirs must have rehearsed / warmed up prior to being seated in the audience
      • After performing, choirs must return to the audience and stay to watch the rest of the concert
  • Door staff will not let people into the audience during a song, only between songs
  • Please note that your schedule performance time includes the time you take to changeover
  • We do not have facilities to handle merchandise sales.  You may sell your group merchandise outside the venue after your performance.