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ShedSong North Zone is underway!!

We are meeting every Wednesday at 4pm at Claremont Showgrounds

The Showgrounds Men’s Shed is right near Gate 10 (but enter at Gate 8 and turn left)

you can fill out the registration form below or email for more details


Click here for more details


ShedSong South Zone is starting soon

We will be launching ShedSong at Fremantle Men’s Shed in August – watch this space and register below


You can register and find out more here.

Back a bit when we lived in trees, males sang

We came down from trees, we fought lions and ate their food

We started calling ourselves “Man” and we sang

And it was good

We sailed the seven seas, heralded new lands

We built empires and sheds and still Men sang

And still it was good

Yet in the Great Southern Land, Men fell silent

We know not why

But somehow it was less good


Now Men are returning to the Shed

And Men are returning to the Song


It will again be good



It will again be good

A joint venture between SongFest Inc and Men’s Sheds of WA