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About Songfest Inc

SongFest Inc – an advocate for community singing

Vivid Voices


SongFest Inc is passionate about community singing and actively organises, promotes and encourages events that foster people coming together to sing.  Some key policies of SongFest Inc are;


Voices in Sync
Voices In Sync


There are now a number of SongFest events around WA including;

Information about each of these events can be accessed via the main menu


SongFest inc is actively looking for new ways to promote its objectives.  Some of the projects commenced or in planning are:

In 2019, SongFest Inc started a community choir called WandanaSong within the Wandana housing units in Subiaco with the purpose of building community.
The group meets on every second Wednesday afternoon at 3:30pm and all comers are welcome.  Check the WandanaSong page here to see when the next meeting is.

New projects are being created all the time.  If you have an idea or are interested to be involved with ours please contact us via our contact page.


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