There are four excellent workshops being offered at this years Busselton SongFest.  You can access any or all of them on a single $15 ticket.

We recommend the WEEKEND PASS that enables access to all events at Busselton SongFest for just $50.00, including Pass Only events


Saturday Morning Workshops

“Sing the Naya Chorale way”

Director:  Adam Brockway

Saturday 24 June at 0900 in the Uniting Church


Kicking off our Saturday morning, Naya’s Musical Director, Adam Brockway, will begin with some warm-up exercises to get us in sync as an ensemble, and create a bright-but-relaxed sound.
He’ll then teach a taste of two [mostly] Scottish folk songs, with a focus on creating a blended wall of sound in stunning four-part harmony.
These songs are brilliant launchpads for improving vocal skills but also a world of fun to sing in a large group!

“Circle of Song” Ukulele Workshop

 Director:  Anu Grace

Saturday 23 June at 1100 in the Uniting Church

Bring your ukulele!


Starting with tried and true warmups to develop vocal resonance/tone to give confidence to sing a selection of loved a capella and gospel songs.
Small booklet provided 

“REAL MEN SING” Workshop

Director:  Digby Hill

Saturday 24 June at 0900 at the Uniting Church Hall


Many Australian men seem to think they shouldn’t sing or have been told not to.
This workshop will prove to you that in a group with other men, you can be a part of a very special and unique sound that is male voices in harmony. 
Voicemale director Digby Hill will run a free workshop as part of Busselton SongFest to demonstrate the most basic of human qualities – everyone can sing. 
No experience expected or needed.  Perfect for all aspiring shower singers.  Grab a mate and book your free ticket here or just show up.

“Unlocking the Mystery of Your Voice?” Workshop

Director: Director Gillian Parker

Saturday 24 June at 1100 at the Uniting Church Hall

Gillian directs both One Achord  and Allegro choirs


“Unlocking the Mystery of Your Voice” is a workshop designed to help participants explore the full range of their vocal abilities and discover the unique qualities of their own voices. Through a series of engaging and interactive exercises, participants will learn to demystify the art of singing and understand the science behind their vocal instrument.
Throughout the workshop, participants will have opportunity to experiment and play with their voices, discovering new techniques and sounds they need to unlock their full potential. We will then apply these tools to a song to experience the difference they make.
By the end of the workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of their own vocal instrument, and the knowledge and tools they need to continue exploring and improving their singing voice outside of the workshop setting.
Overall, this workshop is designed to be a fun and playful exploration of our voices, what makes them tick and how to gain control, to gain freedom.