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ShedSong is a joint venture between Men’s Shed of WA and SongFest Inc.

ShedSong aims to encourage singing groups within Men’s Sheds around WA

The project is currently in development phase.

In order to achieve the aims of ShedSong, we will require music educators who are passionate about community singing.

We hope to capture the imagination and music teaching skills of existing and emerging music educators to develop the ultimate singing elevator pitch.  We want you to devise a 15 minute approach that will maximise the chances of convincing a group of non-singers that:

  • They can sing
  • Singing in a group sounds great
  • It’s fun
  • They’d like to do more of it….and soon!

In addition to the pure challenge, SongFest Inc is offering a $1,500.00 ShedSong Prize to the creator of the approach that is assessed by SongFest Inc as being the most effective.

Click ShedSong Prize for full outline of the project

To register, complete the Entry Form

You can describe your proposed method on the Entry Form or contact Tim at to discuss.