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SongFest Inc has partnered with Men’s Shed WA to launch a pilot program to increase the number of men involved in singing. Today in Australia hardly any men sing together so we want to reverse this trajectory and we need help to do it.


ShedSong Summit (closes 14 Sept 20)

Whatever we’ve been doing with men and singing, from cradle to grave for generation after generation, it hasn’t been working. We’d like to try something different with the goal of reconnecting men through song, but we need the input of people with a new perspective to figure out how it should be done. We’ve got some money and a mandate to create 3 brand new ShedSong groups over the next 12 months so we’re going to try to do it differently with a team inspired by the challenge.

To build the team and develop the approach we are holding a ShedSong Summit to bring together up to 3 directors and up to 2 mentors/supporters for the directing group. Our initial meeting will be 2-3 hours at which we will workshop the initial approach, the goals of our ShedSong experience, how we will measure success, the repertoire to present and the best ways to make our new groups sustainable, ongoing magnets for men’s singing.

Do you want to be part of it? Do you have insights that could change the course of singing in this country and restock the critically endangered singing male population? Participants in the initial workshop will be offered payment of $200 each and the directors and mentors will be paid for their ongoing participation in the project at a competitive rate. All you have to do is complete a brief expression of interest form by following this link.

..and Matt or Tim from SongFest Inc will be in touch to talk with you further. We are looking for a broad range of backgrounds and approaches to synthesise a new approach. It might not work…..but it just might!

Once we have your expression of interest we will contact you to discuss further. Questions?  Drop a line to Tim and Matt