Fremantle Songfest Expression of Interest

  • Entry is open to all singing groups irrespective of experience or quality

    Acceptances are not based on performance standard. If we have room and you want to sing - we want you here!

    We are unable to accept groups with significant set up time. Acts must be able to walk-on, walk-off the stage

  • All performers are required to purchase a discounted performers pass which enables entry to all events

    Performer passes will be $30 per person with a free pass if you are bringing a paid professional director.

    Each group will be expected to perform a song at the Friday night Taster, a 20 min concert on Saturday afternoon and 2 songs “gospel or beautiful” on Sunday morning.

    Workshops and other events will also be available (details to be announced on website).

    Festival updates will be provided to the email address given above. If you have additional contacts to add to the email list please add above.