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Vocal Mix

Vocal Mix is a mixed voice a cappella chorus which performs well known contemporary arrangements in the Barbershop and A Cappella styles, to create entertaining and engaging performances for the audience. Under the direction of well known voice coach Bec Hewitt, Vocal Mix places a high value on quality singing and performance, and on helping all members to improve their singing. Vocal Mix seeks to provide a strong supportive community for its members by building upon the barbershop concept of “fellowship”; the idea that we all share a common passion. Our mission is to provide a welcoming, fun and high-quality a cappella singing experience. Everything we do is motivated by the love of music, fellowship and striving to achieve our personal best. Dedicated to the growth of members, we encourage collaboration, education and interaction with all singing communities and our audiences. Our vision is to evolve into an artistic pillar of our community, creating experiences that foster fellowship, belonging and joy.