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Tuxedo Junction

Tuxedo Junction are a group of about 20 singers from all over Perth. Their name comes from their origins as a male barbershop group in the 1980s, but this century they have been a mixed-voice, mixed-genre group singing songs in four-part (sometimes up to eight-part) harmony.
Over the weekend in Fremantle they will be singing their usual diverse range, including a Yiddish folk song, a choral arrangement of a Finnish orchestral piece, and some modern classical music – all directed and accompanied by their multi-talented MD, Simone Bishop.
The group take part in SongFests around WA almost every year, such as at Beverley (pictured), in addition to other private and public concerts in Perth, and always enjoy the chance to perform to new audiences. Further details of the group, including performance and joining information, are on their website: