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Annika Moses / Nika Mo

Annika is the busiest person at SongFest!   She first came to our attention as a member of the Eneksis WAAPA choir and last year also was part of the wonderful Darling ensemble.  This year we asked Annika to present a workshop (dont miss it!) and also by the way she is filling in for Ko-Ko too.  And Eneksis is here too of course!

Nika Mo is Annika’s folk project and for the Dunsborough Song Festival 2019 she brings a set of intricate a cappella arrangements of folk originals. Performing entirely solo, Annika uses a loop pedal to create weaving vocal harmonies, laying a bed for her honest lyrics that find poeticism in the Perth mundane. Her appearance at Fairbridge Festival last year left the crowd ‘silent for the most part, totally enthralled by her storytelling abilities and sweet voice,’ (X-Press Magazine).