PF100 Choir registration form

Registration form for all singers taking part in the 100 Voice Community Choir performing in the Perth Festival ESCAPE event
  • Please complete a separate registration form for each singer applying to take part.
    Please note the rehearsal requirements and conditions of participation.
    Details of the event can be seen online at

  • To be eligible for the PF100 Choir you will need to:
    1. Complete this registration form and receive an acceptance
    2. Make a commitment to attend as many rehearsals as possible so as to learn the 6 songs to performance standard
    3. Be available to attend the tech and dress rehearsals, recording session and all 3 performance dates (including the reserve date)
    4. Abide by all Perth Festival requirements for performers as set out below and updated from time to time.
  • Perth Festival statement regarding Covid-19 requirements:
    "Perth Festival continues to follow all government directions in responding to and managing COVID-19.
    We believe that vaccination against the COVID-19 virus is a safe and effective tool to reduce the risk and severity posed by COVID-19 infection in the workplace, in communities, and in the nation.

    While we’re still waiting on the specific detail that will be drafted within the health directions; we can advise that all individuals working / attending Escape will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved for supply and use by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, (at this stage this means that you have received your double dose vaccination). This includes all volunteers, employees, contractors, artists and audience members.

    You will also be required to provide Perth Festival with proof of your vaccination status. We are waiting to understand more fully about the collection of this information, however, we understand from previous health directions that any individual working at an event is likely to be required to provide a copy of their vaccination status for inspection, recording and retention. "
  • Please check any box that applies
  • Please select your group. If not listed move to next question.
  • The rehearsal and performance dates are listed below.
    Please only check any dates that you know you CANNOT attend.
  • We may need to restrict rehearsal numbers if covid restrictions are applied. In this case would you prefer to attend Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays? Check all that apply.
  • (this is not a binding choice - you can change your mind later)

  • Thanks for your registration!
    We will respond shortly to confirm your acceptance.
    If we reach capacity you may be placed on a waiting list.
    Once accepted you will be provided with learning materials for the songs.