SongFest have teamed up with our catering partners Kitchen of Diversity who are part of United in Diversity.  UID are a CaLD non-profit enterprise who have partnered SongFest in multiple projects.  
Coccolicco is a cafe at 197 High St Fremantle – right near Victoria Hall.  That’s where Tomoe Peterson and Jessica Widjaja bake their Japanese delights and we have persuaded them to bring an assortment to SongFest!
We are sure you will be delighted with the delicious International food on offer.  It will be a wonderful accompaniment to the World Music theme at this festival!


Kitchen of Diversity Stall @ Freo SongFest

Saturday 17 July




Option 1 – Chorba (Lebanese Lentil Soup – veg, GF, DF) & Bread – $8.50

Chorba –  Red lentils, Brown lentils, Rice, Onion, Carrot, capsicum, Garlic, Spices – coriander, cumin, salt, paprika

Bread – Bought readymade – gluten free variety available.


Option 2 – Rice –curry – $8.50

Rice – Basmati Rice with salt, garlic

Vegetable curry – Potato, Sweet potato, pumpkin, cauliflower and carrots, spices with coconut milk.


Sweets – $5 for two pieces

Harissa – Lebanese Semolina Cake


Harissa – semolina, butter, sugar, rosewater, almond

Baklava – short crust pastry, walnut, almonds, sugar

Saturday evening

Finger food pack @$8.50 ea


2 falafel with tahini, 1pc Manoush bread with zaatar, 1 harissa, 1 baklava

Falafel – Chick pea, coriander, garlic, onion, spices

Tahini – sesame seed sauce with lemon juice

Manoush – Flour, yeast, oil, salt, sumac, sesame seed, spices

Sunday 18 July




Option 1 – Pad thai – $8.50

Thai flat Noodles, carrot, cabbage, capsicum, pea nuts, brown sugar, lemon juice, fish sauce


Option 2 – Falafel wrap – $8.50

Lebanese bread wrap, falafel, tahini, lettuce, tomato, cucumber (Gluten free wrap available)


Sweets – Harissa, Baklava – $5

 Harissa – Lebanese Semolina Cake


Japanese Sweets

Baked by Tomoe Peterson and Jessica Widjaja  – from Coccolicco Cafe at 197 High St Fremantle.
Inari sushi plate. ( 2 bean curd sushi)     $7

Rice, Vinegar, Quinoa, Black and White Sesame Seeds, Pickled Vegetable, Ginger, Mushroom, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Cooking Wine, Tempeh (Fermented Soy Bean), Garlic Miso, Olive Oil

Seasonal sweets plate (three types)       $8.5

Matcha cheesecake: Oreo cookies, butter, sugar, cream cheese, matcha green tea powder powder, white chocolate eggs.

Hinata Roll (Sunshine Roll):  Adzuki Bean, Self Raising Flour, Egg, Sugar, Loa Kumquat, Yuzu Jam

Crispy Walnut: Local Walnut, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar

Japanese Crispy Black Sesame Biscuit: Black and White Sesame Seeds, Vegetable Oil, Raw Sugar, Self Raising Flour, Sea Salt


Matcha bun $4

hand made matcha ( Green tea powder custard cream bun)


Taiyaki $4

Japanese fish shaped waffles with azuki bean filling butter /served toasted!