Alfalfa Males

Here’s a question for you….What do goats, gaffa tape, Donald Trump, sloth poop, global warming, and a cross gender chicken called Suzie all have in common?
They are all part of the menagerie of topics put under scrutiny by the Alfalfa Males in their quest to make sense of the world through song!!
Musical duo Tim Darby and Donald Wilson win hearts and engage minds wherever they play with their mix of quirky humour, open hearted intimacy, beautiful vocal harmonies and eclectic musical style.
Their easy banter and authentic stage presence reaches out to embrace the audience in a mingling of stories, humour and lyrical melodies.  Oh yeah…..they also play (in order of size but not necessarily importance) bass, guitar, ukulele, a smattering of violin and….if the occasion calls for it….garden shears.

Soul Singers

Adija and Ansila, sisters and Soul Singers, sing for joy and to put smiles on people’s faces. They have sung since they were small children in a refugee camp in Tanzania. For ten years their families, who belong to the Twa ethnic group,  lived there, having fled from their homeland in Burundi.

Now the Soul Singers live in Yangebup. They continued to sing with the Burundi Peace Band, where they learned to compose  choreograph and harmonize their own songs. And it is the Soul Singers exceptional skills in harmonisation that continue to delight their audiences.

Walyalup Kannajil Community Choir

Walyalup Kannajil – literally translating as ‘Fremantle in Truth’ – is an inclusive community choir based in Fremantle, led by Music Director, Kobi Arthur Morrison. Meeting weekly, we aim to deepen our shared understanding of Noongar culture, history and language through song, learning a range of Aboriginal songs in Noongar and English.

Serbian Choir Red Peonies

Greetings from Serbian Choir Red Peonies!
We are an amateur, a cappella choir from Perth, WA. We have enjoyed singing music from Serbia and other parts of the world since 2016. Currently, there are 19 members. Our repertoire spans a wide range of genres from sacred to modern, and most of it is in four part harmony (SATB). We perform regularly at community events, such as the Choir Bash, Guildford SongFest and within the Serbian community. Our three conductors are all volunteers driven by their passion for musical expression. Each brings their individual musical background, skills and perspective. We want the members to get the most out of their time with us and offer opportunities such as solo parts, small group singing and playing instruments. While we work hard to prepare for each performance, we have a lot of fun, and make many great memories and new friends!

Tuxedo Junction

Tuxedo Junction are a group of about 20 singers from all over Perth. Their name comes from their origins as a male barbershop group in the 1980s, but this century they have been a mixed-voice, mixed-genre group singing songs in four-part (sometimes up to eight-part) harmony.
Over the weekend in Fremantle they will be singing their usual diverse range, including a Yiddish folk song, a choral arrangement of a Finnish orchestral piece, and some modern classical music – all directed and accompanied by their multi-talented MD, Simone Bishop.
The group take part in SongFests around WA almost every year, such as at Beverley (pictured), in addition to other private and public concerts in Perth, and always enjoy the chance to perform to new audiences. Further details of the group, including performance and joining information, are on their website:

Swiss Yodellers of WA

The Swiss Yodellers of WA have been performing traditional Swiss music in Perth since 1974, and most of the group are of Swiss origin. The group has an emphasis on songs and yodels in the four Swiss languages: German, French, Italian, and the ancient Romanche dialect from eastern Switzerland.
We appear in colourful traditional costume and our vocals feature many yodels and a range of harmonies.

One Achord

One Achord are an Applecross based mixed choir who sing for fun and friendship. The choir has been running for many years and some of the original members still singing with us; and has for a number of years has performed at Anzac Day Services, the Heart Foundation Memorial Services and performed concerts with the proceeds donated to a charity. For over 10 years now our director, Gillian Parker, has led the choir in many old and new compositions with ranging styles from Jazz to Rock and Roll, Modern and Classics. We strongly believe membership a community choir enhances the health and well-being of its members, and its audience.

Music Group Izvor

Music Group Izvor is bringing Serbian music tradition to Australian public. Our repertoire mainly consists of Serbian sacred (in Old Slavic) and secular music, traditional and folk songs. However, we enjoy singing in different languages from Balkan regions and occasionally experiment with some contemporary pieces.  The choir, directed by Dragana Jerinic, celebrates their 5th birthday this year.

South African Gospel Choir

We are a Multi-Cultural Gospel Choir singing both African and English gospel songs with dance moves and would love audience participation! Our Conductor is Sylva Bright who hails from the Cameroons and our drummer is Alastair Von Schoor from Cape Town

Voices in Sync

Voices in Sync is an acapella group that was formed in 1996. We sing popular, fun songs ranging from the 60’s and 70’s, with group members hailing from all ages and backgrounds.