The Real Sing

The Real Sing are a friendly bunch of a cappella singers who work hard and play even harder. Although we, and some of our members, have been around for a long time, our repertoire is a mix of our contemporary favourites, as well as all the best songs from the 70s and 80s which are able to be put into 4 (and sometimes 8) part harmony. The Real Sing are masterfully led by our beloved musical director Coralie Kan and we always appreciate the chance to perform at various SongFests and events around Perth.


As co-hosts of Fremantle Songfest, Glyde Ins Community Choir welcome all the choirs to Fremantle!  We are a warm-hearted bunch of people who like making beautiful music, a cappella, from Classical, through Jazz inspired arrangements, World Music, to Pop. An Eclectic mix, just like us.  We will do our best to make your weekend in Fremantle warm, friendly and gloriously harmonic.


Voicemale, along with the Glyde In choir are the hosts of this event.  This means we will be looking after you and feeding you.  We love eating and sometimes singing too, choosing to sing stuff from the many far flung countries we have roamed, or at least dreamed of.  We’ve even been as far afield as Georgia and even Merredin.  We love collaborating with other choirs, even ones with women in them.  Mostly we just love a big party.  So welcome to Freo SongFest!