Workshop Eneksis

Catholic Church 9:00 – 10:30

Warm up and sing with Eneksis

Micheal McCarthy

Come and join an Eneksis rehearsal as WAAPA Director Micheal McCarthy takes them, and you, through a professional warm up to perform routine.  Then sing alongside them as go through their paces.   A long standing Dunsborough SongFest favourite!

Workshop Jo Oosterhoff (ACW)

OLC Primary School Hall 09:00 – 10:00

Vocal Resonance

Expanding your sound

Jo Oosterhoff (ACW)

Discover all the dimensions of your voice as we add richness, sparkle and clarity to your sound. Making the most of your natural acoustic instrument.

Workshop Baden Street Singers

OLC Primary School Hall 10:30 – 11:30

Situating your Singers for Better Blend

The Baden Street Singers

Blend is a dirty word in the Baden Street Singers. Why compromise your natural voice to sound like someone else when we can create a blended sound by where we stand? Join Nick Schurmann and the Baden Street Singers as we learn how to find the best standing formation for any set of voices. Your singers will feel more comfortable, sing better, and create a more unified sound!

Workshop Ruth Boyd

Old Dunsborough Hall 11:00 – 12:30

Ruth Boyd Gospel Workshop

Ruth believes there is a little bit of Aretha in all of us, desperate to shine. She is making it her mission to find that soul voice within us.

Come along to her workshop and experience the uplifting joy of singing gospel and then perform on Sunday morning at the “Moving Voices” concert

Workshop Ryan Nicholson

Old Dunsborough Hall 0900 – 10:30

How To Sing With Feeling Without Really Trying

Ryan Nicholson

Join Ryan “Rye-Rye” Nicholson as he explores the nature of acapella singing and how to achieve an engaging performance with the least amount of effort. This workshop will look at how to extract meaning from a song, distill it down to its pure essence and then deliver it to the audience – all while hopefully not breaking a sweat.